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Portable Powerful 1.5 Inch Full Range Bass Speaker 40mm Long Stroke DIY Neodymium Magnet 2PCS

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1.5 inch Full Range Speaker 40mm NdFeB Loudspeaker Long Stroke Bluetooth Speaker With Strong Bass .Speaker specifications:Impedance: 4 ohms .Rated power: 10W .Speaker outer diameter: 40mm .Speaker height: 31mm .Screw hole diagonal hole distance: 46mm .Net weight: 95g /pc.This full-frequency speaker adopts high-performance rare earth neodymium magnet, super linear super-strong magnetic neodymium-iron-boron composite magnetic circuit design, reduces total harmonic distortion, more powerful force, lower bass, small diameter good product, magnetic field strength is 10 times the traditional magnetic circuit, subvert the traditional magnetic circuit, powerful neodymium magnet, restore details! Long voice coil, long-stroke technology, subwoofer design, small speaker top big speaker style. Unique small diameter with tweeter technology.Package: 2pcs.

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