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Multifunctional Wire Snippers

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  • 2 in 1 Wire Stripping: Stripping wire & Cutting wire


  • KWS-102 can be used for Stripping, Cutting, Crimping

Suit for circuit maintenience, home and DIY

  • Accurate

    KWS-102 have accurate parameter design on his top which can help you clearly find the right edge

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Multipurpose Wire Stripping Tool Electrical Wire Pliers with Screw Cutter

Suitable for multiple scenarios

KAIWEETS KWS-105 is capable of Electrical work, Household Decoration, Appliance Maintenance, Crafts-manship. It's with no doubt your best tool in toolbox.

Multiple Functions

1.Stripping with AWG sign

2.Cutting with the edges in the middle

3.Crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals

4.Thread wires in and bend it

5.Clamping thin wires with the jaw

6.Put in the screw and cut it

Ergonomic Design

Upgraded lengthened handle ensures one-handed control with no need for spring or lock


KWS-105 have accurate parameter design on his top which can help you clearly find the right edge

Wire stripplg Range:10-24AWG     Wire crimping Range:16-10AWG, 22-18AWG

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Multi-Function Wire Stripping: Stripping wire & Crimping wire & Cutting wire

Suitable for a variety of wires

You can use KWS-103 for most of the wires you use

Adjustable Stripping Length Guide Ruler

Come with self-adjusting jaws ideal for copper and aluminum cables from 10-24AWG (0.2-6MM2). Thumb wheel micro adjusting swivel knob to strip wire smaller than 24 AWG. 

Stripping with AWG sign

Sharp edge for easy stripping of wires

Cutting Pliers

Special thickened blades allow for easy and efficient cable cutting. Plastic & cushion grip handle, provides maximum leverage (PP& TPR) and increased comfort and reduced hand fatigue making the grip Self Adjusting.

Crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals

Wide range, it is easy to find the right one

  Insulated terminal crimp: 22-10AWG/0.5-6mm²;             Non-insulated terminal crimp: 12-10AWG/4-6mm²;

     Non-insulated terminal crimp: 16-14AWG/1.5-2.5mm²;  Non-insulated terminal crimp: 22-18AWG/0.5-1mm² 

Multiple Functions

Stripping with AWG sign,   Cutting with the edges in the middle,   Crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals

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