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500W RMS / 1000W MAX Dual Output Switching Power Supply, 220V AC Input

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We will try to keep these in stock, but many times these items are being drop shipped to our facility for inspection. We will then send the product on to you. This could delay the time it takes to receive the items by 5 days to 2 weeks. We have decided it was best to make sure it checks out OK before having it go out to you. Contact us for ETAs before or after purchase, because we always have them coming in.

The main output voltages are (±35V, ±40V, ±45V, ±50V, ±55V, ±60V, ±65V, ±70,±75V, ±80V),independent 12V,auxiliary ±12V .Please take the corresponding volts for what voltage is needed. Different voltage capacitors, component parameters are different, Subject to the actual product.

The parameters are as follows:Input voltage: AC200-240VOutput voltage: main ±80V; independent 12V; auxiliary ±12VVoltage stabilization accuracy: main no-load ±3%, loaded ±3% (when AC220V input)Output current: ±80V/5.5A; independent 12V/0.5A; auxiliary +-12V/0.5A (grounded with main voltage)(Auxiliary and independent unregulated, main voltage becomes lower and lower, used in less demanding occasions, such as powering fans, etc.)Special reminder: Since the switching power supply only stabilizes the main voltage, the current of the independent and auxiliary output must be less than the current of the main voltage output; for example, the current of the main voltage at the time is 10mA, and the auxiliary and independent cannot carry loads above 10MA.Continuous power: 500W (continuous work at 25°C ambient temperature)Rated power: 880W (continuous work for about 5 minutes at 25°C ambient temperature, long-term work plus fan cooling)Instantaneous power: 1200W (power generated during dynamic signal impact, time is less than 100 milliseconds)Conversion efficiency: Max 95%Dimensions: length, width and height=143*88*40mm

Purchase note:1. This product is a bare board that has high voltage circuits and must be purchased by someone who can use it. This store does not bear all the consequences caused by use! The company researches and develops by itself, the quantity can be customized according to customer requirements, but the quantity is small.2. For commercial purposes, circuits and components are polished and epoxy resin potting is processed. Schematic diagrams, PCBs and technical support are not provided. Those who want to study and research will detour, and don't mind buying!3. For long-term high-power use, please add fan air cooling. The power supply has overheating, overcurrent and short-circuit protection. Over-current and short-circuit protection is lock-up protection. The AC power supply must be disconnected and the main filter capacitor voltage drops to 0V to restart. This power supply is a real LLC resonant power supply. The resonant circuit is a high-frequency sine wave. It is not an ordinary square wave switching power supply. It is very suitable for power amplifiers and has good effects.4. The board is constantly upgraded and revised, and the component circuit may be changed, please refer to the actual delivery.

Shipping list:Finished board×1

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