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NEP Audio

2.5 inch Ribbon Tweeter,30W

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Model Number


Panel diameter


Diagonal screw hole spacing


Open Hole diameter


Speaker height


Magnet diameter


Magnet width


Voice coil diameter


Rated power


Max Power



8 Ω

Dc resistance




Resonant frequency

*** Hz

Recommend Crossover

>= 3500Hz

NET Weight


Frequency Range

3K-40k Hz

Sound film Material


Panel Material


What is a haile?

Pneumatic high (Air Motion Transformet pneumatic transducer, or said haier soprano, jet high) is to enjoy high reputation in the world of electroacoustic Germany Dr Haier (Dr. Oskar Heil) was invented in 1973, about its working principle is in the middle of the two poles, there is a special insulation film, film surface covered with a layer in a certain arrangement of wire, and this piece of plastic sheets of aluminium film, through the repeated folding as diaphragm components, when the current through the folded membrane can produce action, due to the magnetic field on membrane folds from creasing extrusion or Air inhaled Air, like the accordion radiation sound wave in the form of injection, the high-pitched call pneumatic monomer.AMT pneumatic diaphragm has a very large area of high units, more than or unwanted out-of-bandwidth harmonics and aluminum belt unit, can promote the air quantity is more, plus the quality of diaphragm is very light, impedance curve flat, high frequency extension, reaction speed is very fast, is a kind of very good coloration.It is possible to say that the pitch of a pneumatic high-pitched voice is slightly less noble, but the pneumatic treble is more powerful than the same size.

Front Panel Material:Black sandblasted aero aluminum drawing panel

Diaphragm Material:The United States importedKAPTON

Conductive Line Material:JAPANAluminum foil

Magnet Material:Hengdian east magneticN45-Neodymium
Terminals Type:Plug

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