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2000W Professional Class D Amplifier Board

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We will try to keep these in stock, but many times these items are being drop shipped to our facility for inspection. We will then send the product on to you. This could delay the time it takes to receive the items by 5 days to 2 weeks. We have decided it was best to make sure it checks out OK before having it go out to you. Contact us for ETAs before or after purchase, because we always have them coming in.

Product parameters:1. Power supply voltage: dual DC power supply ±58---±80V2. Maximum rated output power:±70V power supply bridge mono mode: 2000W (4 ohm load), 200W (8 ohm load)±70V power supply bridge stereo mode: 2×700W (4 ohm load), 2×350W (8 ohm load)3. Efficiency: >=90%4. Signal to noise ratio: 90dB5. Total harmonic distortion: 2000W (±70 power supply 4 ohm bridge mode, distortion degree <1%)500W (±85 power supply 8 ohm speaker, distortion degree <1%)6. Frequency response range: 20Hz-22KHz7. Voltage magnification: 45 times8. Static power consumption: 8W9. Input sensitivity 1.1V (RMS)10. Output short circuit protection: Yes11. Output DC bias protection, namely speaker protection: Yes12. Over-temperature protection: Yes, the radiator field effect tube temperature is higher than 100°C, turn off the output!13. Power amplifier board size: 135×132×45mm14. Weight: 550g

Precautions for use:1. The rated power supply voltage is dual power supply ±75V, and the voltage can work normally at ±58---±85V (if it is a power frequency transformer, please leave a margin for voltage fluctuations. The power supply is 3 power supply lines, and the power supply is positive and negative. Don't make the wrong connection to avoid burning the board).2. The power supply is recommended to be a DC dual power supply ±75V with better filtering.3. It is recommended to use a 10-25 inch 2 ohm -8 ohm speaker for the speaker.4. Although the audio output has short-circuit protection, try not to short-circuit it.5. Please check carefully before powering on to ensure that the wiring is correct before powering on.7. The voltage magnification of this board is fixed at 40 times. If the output power is not enough, the pre-amplification may be added according to the specific situation.

Product specificity: The board is continuously upgraded and revised. For each purchase and other reasons, there will be differences in PCB color, capacitor brand, etc., subject to the actual product received, and we guarantee the performance and board size will remain unchanged.special reminder:1. This board is a full-frequency pure power amplifier, and it needs to be used as a subwoofer with a front-stage low-pass filter;2. The board is powered by dual DC voltages, and the car battery cannot be used with a single power supply, and a booster power supply for the car amplifier is required!It is designed with the American IR tube IRFP4227 and IRS2092S, rated effective power 2000W, can be stereo output, can be bridged to mono output, onboard intelligent temperature control fan, can not only heat dissipation and energy saving but also reduce noise, all imported components Add SMT technology, excellent workmanship, low distortion, stable and reliable performance.This HIFI digital power amplifier has been repeatedly debugged by engineers for a long time, and improved and developed a kilowatt super HIFI class D power amplifier board. The whole board is equipped with AVX tantalum capacitors, ELNA infinite audio capacitors, imported high-frequency capacitors and other high-end components.


Stereo mode wiring instructions:1: Left input+2: Enter-3: Right input +4: Switch to ST5: Left output-6: Left output+7: Power supply+8: Ground wire9: Power supply-10: Right output+11: Right output-

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