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Ratchet Tie Down 2 Inch – 27 Ft – 3333 Lbs Working Load – 10000 Lbs Break Strength

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Material Aluminum
Color Vibrant Everest Yellow
Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle
Load Capacity 10000 pound

Everest S1021

Everest S1021ABOUT US

Everest S1021 is a 2 in. x 27 ft. Heavy Duty Commercial grade ratchet tie down With a breaking strength of 10,000 lb. and a 3,333 lb. WLL (Working Load Limit)

Everest began as a small startup business with a focus on delivering a best possible products to the airline and trucking industry. We have built high quality precise parts for aircraft carriers. As our reputation developed in the market as a leader in both design, function and manufacturing, we were asked to translate that innovation over to the consumer market. Every product is factory tested using laser devices and automation to ensure a consistent quality experience you can count on.

The Everest S1021 is a 2 in. x 27 ft. Heavy Duty Commercial grade ratchet tie down. Features Corrosion resistant hardware and double J hooks. The 27 ft. of extra strong webbing gives you reliability when you most need it. This is designed for heavy duty commercial users of truck straps. With a breaking strength of 10,000 lb. and a 3,333 lb. WLL (Working Load Limit).

Aluminum has a very good amount of corrosion resistance in most environments and situations. The reason for this is that aluminum, as a material, forms a very thin but extremely effective oxide layer that works to prevent additional oxidation. The aluminum oxide is resistant, and it sticks very strongly to the parent metal. This is unique to aluminum and aluminum oxide, as other metals that form oxide layers do not adhere as strongly. This is why aluminum is such a quality, durable metal.

These hooks can be attached over thin areas of steel on trailers and car bumpers, or they can be secured to truck bed tie-down points and most kinds of anchors, including D-rings and O-rings. Double J-Hooks lie at a 90-degree angle to the plane of the strap, which provides for a direct connection to anchoring points and a flat strap surface area across cargo, preventing strap twist.An essential to secure large or heavy objects, such as:



EDGE GUARD, the extra black stitching for ultimate protection. Everest uses this as added protection from breaking due to abrasion; testing by an independent lab for an aircraft and military supplier shows that after 2500 cycles of the abrasion test the straps will still hold the load.

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