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NEP Audio

2x 600W Class AB Amplifier Board with Heatsink

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1 The main parameters
Channel Type; Dual Out/Bridged Mono
Main supply voltage: dual DC soil 35-88V
Speaker protection power supply; AC 12- 18V
(independent winding)
Output power: 8 ohms, 2x 300W , 600W in total ,
4 ohms 2x 600W , 1200W in total ,

Distortion: 0.001%
Frequency response:
10HZ- 180KHZ
Speaker Impedance: 4-8 ohms
Amplifier Type:
Class AB, biased Class A
Dimensions: Length 23cm, Width 11.6cm, Height 8.3cm
Netweight :1.8kg

Main materials
1. American onsemi tube WK5688/WY2963
2. 4pcs onsemi medium power tube
3. 20pcs differential pairs imported from Japan
4. Non-inductive high-precision cement resistance
5. Taiwan-made 5-color ring high-precision electronic resistors
6. Imported green capacitors
7. High-power high-quality heat sink
8. Imported op amp chip
9. Fever-grade block capacitors
10. Omron relay
11. Imported speaker protection chip UPC1237HA
12. 2pcs imported pure copper inductor
13. High quality cooling fan
14. High precision thermostat




Wiring Reference:

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