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NEP Audio

Digital Multimeter - Style 2

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We will try to keep these in stock, but many times these items are being drop shipped to our facility for inspection. We will then send the product on to you. This could delay the time it takes to receive the items by 5 days to 2 weeks. We have decided it was best to make sure it checks out OK before having it go out to you. Contact us for ETAs before or after purchase, because we always have them coming in.



T1:4000 counts, AC/DC voltage, automatic (2 AA batteries)

ZL126B:6000 counts, AC/DC voltage,manual and automatic (USB charging, 1000Ah large battery)

ZL128A:9999 counts, manual and automatic, temperature probe, AC/DC voltage,DC /AC current, breakpoint (battery model installs 3 AAA batteries)

Recommended to Buy ZL128B:9999 counts, manual auto, temperature probe, AC/DC voltage,DC /AC current,, breakpoint, (USB charging, 1000Ah large battery)

Product function introduction1、ZL126A/ZL126B Display:6000 counts ZL128A/ZL128B Display:9999 counts2、Auto and manual3、Voltage ZL126A/ZL126B AC/DC Voltage: 0-600V ZL128A/ZL128B AC Voltage: 0-750V ZL128A/ZL128B DC Voltage: 0-1000V4、Electric Current ZL128A/ZL128B AC/DC Current:0mA-10A5、Resistance: ZL126A/ZL126B :0-10Mohm ZL128A/ZL128B :0-100Mohm6、Capacitance: ZL126A/ZL126B:0-6mf ZL128A/ZL128B:0-100mf7、Frequency: ZL126A/ZL126B:10HZ-1KHZ ZL128A/ZL128B:0-10MH8、True RMS9、On and off beep10、Diode11、Continuity12、Live wire13、NCV voltage pen14、Auto powe off

Large color screen digital display, the measurement data is clear at a glance

The new smart multimeter voltage detection pen two-in-one function is more convenient to use

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