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NEP Audio

DSP Processing Unit, 2 Channel In x 8 Channel Out

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Part 1: Hareware installation1. Take out radio, disconnect original connector2. Both ends on DSP cable, one connect to radio, another connect to car socket3. Connect white plug to DSP box4. Lay out all cables, then take DSP box into car glove box

Part 2: Software Installation and Adjustment1. Installation ISUDAR app into mobile and turn on, then play car music;2. Click "Auto EQ" in the setting of App, accord to the tip and take your mobile in a suitable place;3. Wait "Auto adjust" end, click " Save" to save

User Friendly OperationSupport IOS/Android Mobile ControlSupport Windows PC Control

Filters Adjustment SupportingFrequency High pass and Low passSlope adjustmentBetter layering of sound

31-Band EQ AjustmentEach channel can be adjusted directlyThe curves and values are displayed intuitivelySupport EQ automatic adjustment

Bluetooth & U-Disk Music PlaybackBuilt-in Bluetooth, mobile audio input directlyU-Disk plug-in-play, with IR or remote control

Input & Output DetailA variety of input and output interfaces, bring more and more fun music experience

Mobile TuningYou can download ISUDAR DSP APP on our website.

Computer TuningThe adjustment of Computer areas

A:31-Band EQ adjustment Visually adjust the Frequency, Gain, and Q value of each can adjust the channel lines as you like. B: Status and common setup WIFI & USB connect, Main volume, Input source, High level mix-in.C: High and low cut filter Highpass is to cut off the frequency that are lower the setup value and pass the frequency that are higher than the setup value. Lowpass is to cut off the frequency that are higer than the setup value and pass the frequency that are lower than the setup value. When install the subwoofer,you can cut treble and alto off, let bass input subwoofer. It also can suit for original car speaker, but based on the actual situation at that time.D: Control Area Reset, Importing files, Input volume etc.E:Channel adjustment Single channel adjustment include Gain adjustment, Positive and negative phase, Delay. Let you creat a best hearing position.

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