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5,000W MAX NEP Authority NEO Subwoofer (Powerful Music & SPL)



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Our new designs have shifted the emphasis to natural system acoustical gains over driver efficiency in free air. The "Unusual" looking T/S specifications shows where the shift in design philosophy has taken us. We are able to extract system efficiency along the frequency range that you want a subwoofer to operate in. This is true for all of our subwoofers. Each of our subwoofer lines has a different reason for being. Some focus on lows, some on more musical bass...

Take the Team Series 18" as an example. This chart shows the natural frequency response of an NEP Audio Team Series 18" subwoofer in a simple 7 cu ft. ported box tuned to 24Hz in half space without any filtering. There is a huge gain over the entire frequency responce that our sub is going to operate in. When put into a vehicle, the cabin gain will be on top of the gain we have already given the sub, and it ends up having a rather flat response when the two gains combine. Traditional designs are leaving a massive amount of acoustic power off the table.

8'' / D1

Subwoofer Specifications

Fs: 48.9Hz
Qes: 0.858
Qms: 6.74
Qts: 0.76
Vas: 19.74 L
Mms: 300.0g
Bl: 14.87 T-m
Sd: 1170.7cm²
Re: 2.05Ω
Xmax: (One Way) 21.4mm
Power (RMS): 2500W
Power (MAX): 5000W

8'' / D1

Enclosure Recommendations

Sealed Box Sealed Box
0.5 ft³
Ported Box Ported Box:
1.2 ft³
38.0 Hz
Assembled NEP Subwoofer Unit Weight:
29.0 lb
Unit Displacement:
0.084 ft³
NEP Subwoofer Depth Cutout Diameter:
7.5 Inches
Mounting Depth:
6.9 Inches

8'' / D1

Subwoofer Details

NEP Dust Cap Large Diameter Molded NEP Dust Cap
NEP Cone and Surround Type Non-Pressed Pulp Cone with Mega Surround and Double Stitching
NEP Spider 6.5 Inch, 2 Layer custom nep nomex spider with double leads, progressive
NEP Audio Voice Coil Type 3 Inch Black Flatwound Aluminum Wire on Aluminum Former.
Subwoofer Basket small 6 spoke
Top Plate Thickness Top Plate Thickness:
18.0 mm
NEP Magnet 7x 2" x 1" x 0.5" neo n52 magnets
8 Inch shown, the rest of the photos are coming soon!
Add a whole lot of Authority to your music...
The All New NEP Authority NEO Subwoofer is built at our facility in Connecticut. The NEP Authority NEO is a big step up from Authority v2. It handles a lot more power, and can be used for serious SPL competition due to the high motor force provided by our custom NEP N52 NEO magnets.. This is the sub you want if you are looking for even more hard hitting, quick and accurate bass.

The NEP Authority NEO Subwoofer is fully CNC machined and built at our facility in Connecticut.

  • Great in Sealed, Ported, 4th or 6th Order Enclosures, Contact Us for Assistance with Boxes
  • Final T/S Parameters will be Published Shortly
  • Contact Us to Customize this Subwoofer
  • Recones are Available in our Store 
  • Build time will be 2 to 3 weeks in standard configuration, and our automated email system will keep you updated for shipping. Total transit time will be 2 to 4 weeks.
NEP Product Guarantee:

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will take it back for up to 13 days after confirmed delivery with no questions asked as long as it is still in new condition and without any kind of damage. Please contact us at to set up an RMA.

We encourage you to get in touch with us if something does not seem right, or if you are not getting the results that you expected. Many times we may have a solution for you that can be given over the phone.

These subwoofers are built to order, and we put a lot of care into each one. We guarantee you will be happy with your NEP purchase.
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    NEP Audio offers a 2-Year limited warranty on subwoofers. This covers the workmanship of the product. Accidental damage to any part of the speaker, burned out coils, and suspension damage are not covered under this warranty, but these things can be repaired at the customer's discretion. Please contact us at if you have an issue.