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6.5 Inch 320W MAX Full Range Component Speaker Set

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Car 6.5-inch suit split sound speaker, car speaker mid-bass tweeter modified audio
Product function description:
Model: PZ-6503S (high-quality sound quality 6.5-inch set car speaker)
 6.5"inch 2-way componet car speaker
 Impedance: 4Ω
 Frequency respond:45-20KHZ
Sensitivity: 90DB
RMS: 60W (The main unit can be pushed directly, or you can add an amplifier) There are many car owners who feel that the power is too large. The original car host can't be driven. Please rest assured that this speaker can be driven by ordinary host, after hundreds of models Test, sound quality performance is quite outstanding.
Max.ouput power:180W
Cone:PP injection
PP edge
25mm ASV silk dome tweeter
high end transparent crossover network
Sensitivity: 89db/w/m
Drum paper: PP injection
Bass core number: 25 cores
Parts List:
6.5" Mid-woofer*2
25-core transparent silk treble*2
Install wire
Buying tips:
Players and speakers:
It is recommended to use the power amplifier with a set of speakers! The coaxial speaker is a mid-range speaker connected to the power amplifier, but the volume becomes louder, and there is no effect. The effect of the set speaker is very clear. Moreover, it is best to use a pure CD player, play vinyl CDs to listen to music, and use a USB flash drive to listen to MP3 music. There will be some popping in the vocal treble and guitar sounds!
Installation and use: If your player is the original CD and the original navigation machine, then there is no audio output jack, you have to buy an active high to low connection to the speaker line to obtain audio signals can be output to the amplifier , And then connect the speaker to the power amplifier after connecting the battery!
In car audio modification, many people will simply think that the set speaker is good, or the coaxial speaker is better, the more expensive the better, but it is not like that.
The matching of car audio is the most important. After hundreds of trials and reforms, the combination of PZ-6503C and PZ-6503S is the most classic and the sound quality is outstanding.
Therefore, it is recommended to our customers, and we hope that everyone will spend the least amount of money to achieve a more ideal effect.
If your car player is a navigation or ordinary CD player DVD player, it is recommended that you buy it directly without additional power amplifier, you can push it directly. (Of course, the power amplifier is better)
Ordinary cars are equipped with speakers in the front sound field, and the rear sound field is coaxial, which is a more classic match.
Front door PZ-6503S Back door PZ-6503C (simultaneous purchase can be discounted, please contact customer service background to change the price)
If you encounter problems during the conversion process, you can contact us to provide you with some necessary assistance.
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