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4x30W RMS CLASS D Amplifier Board with ADAU1701 DSP & BLUETOOTH 5.0

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JAB4 is a 4CH audio amplifier board integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 (supporting aptX HD) and ADAU1701 DSP, offering a real all-in-one audio solution for customers. Based on TI’s TPA3118 IC chip, JAB4 delivers 30W output power per channel into an 8Ohm load. Thanks to the equipped ADAU1701 DSP, JAB4 supports programming with SigmaStudio and PC UI control after connection with WONDOM ICP5, through which, you can adjust volume, gain, frequency and EQ setting to customize your own audio. In addition to 4.0 mode (4 x 30W), JAB4 supports configuration as 2.1 mode (2 x 30W + 1 x 60W), 2.0 / 0.2 mode (2 x 60W), applicable for various audio projects. Furthermore, JAB4 provides an I2S signal output, which can be transmitted to an I2S audio amplifier board. Wireless audio input, integrated ADAU1701 DSP, multiple output modes, high quality audio performance and battery power supported make JAB4 perfectly suitable for portable Bluetooth speakers, home audio, garden audio, digital crossover and DIY audio applications. A DC10V-26V power supply is required.

Demo Program for Reference:

E2Prom Firmware for Program Restore:

Integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 module

JAB4 employs Bluetooth 5.0 module for audio input, which supports various audio formats as aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, SBC & AAC and high receive sensitivity with RF power up to 9dBm and -90dBm. There is a built-in antenna equipped on this board. So you can directly pair JAB4 with the device to play music. An external antenna port is also provided on the board to ensure the stable connection and high audio performance in such applications that JAB4 is installed into a speaker or a cabinet.


Integrated with ADAU1701 DSP, Supporting Programming with SigmaStudio and PC UI control

JAB4 is also integrated with high performance ADAU1701 DSP chip for audio signal processing. Four ports for external potentiometers are mounted on JAB4. You can use the external potentiometers to control the gain and frequency even if JAB4 is installed in a speaker. Please refer to the datasheet or connection guide for the detailed functions of potentiometers. After connection with WONDOM ICP5, you can write a program with SigmaStudio, or get real-time remote control of your audio systems via PC UI, through which, you can adjust gain, volume, high/low-pass filter, EQ and other parameters.

Supporting Line Input

In addition to Bluetooth input, JAB4 supports 3.5mm line input. Signals from both input methods will be mixed before being transmitted to the amplification circuit. You can get the 3.5mm AUX-IN cable in the Functional cables kit (AA-JA11117).

Supporting configuration as 4.0 / 2.1 / 2.0 / 0.2 Output Mode

JAB4 is an audio amplifier board featuring multiple output configurations. Each two channels can be configured as one channel with double power. Therefore, it can be used as 4.0 mode (4 x 30W), JAB4 supports configuration as 2.1 mode (2 x 30W + 1 x 60W), 2.0 / 0.2 mode (2 x 60W), suitable for diverse audio systems. In order to provide customers with easy operation, Sure Electronics employs automatic cables insertion identification, based on which, the switching among the output modes is so convenient that you just need to plug in the cables as required. The functions of the four external potentiometers would change accordingly. Please note, if you want to use JAB4 as 0.2 mode, frequency adjustment in the PC UI is essential besides hardware settings. 0.2 mode is not supported when using hardware control (Potentiometers).

Supporting Battery Power

Besides power supply, JAB4 supports battery power, which greatly improves the portability of the whole audio systems. You can enjoy the music in outdoor activities. It is recommended to use WONDOM BCPB series to power JAB4 since there is no charging circuit equipped in JAB4.

Signal Level Sensor System

JAB4 employs signal level sensor system for lower power consumption and longer playback time. It will continuously monitor the input signal and there is a preset signal voltage threshold. When there is no signal (voltage is lower than the threshold) detected for 5min, the amplifier module will enter into standby mode automatically, in which condition, it will consume lower power. When there is signal detected, it will run immediately without any miss of the audio.

Easy for Integration

Bluetooth pairing cancellation function is integrated on JAB4. You can disconnect with Bluetooth by one simple press, without worry about which Bluetooth is paired. Standby function is also available on JAB4. On-board and external LED indicators are offered to show the status of Bluetooth and signal, so you can have an overview of the running condition of JAB4.

Optional Accessories

We provide optional accessories for customers’ simple operation. Functional cables kit (AA-JA11117) offers all the cables you need for better use of JAB4. As for the detailed information, please refer to AA-JA11117.


  • 3.6 x 2.7 Inches PCB Size

  • Integrated with Bluetooth 5.0

  • Integrated with ADAU1701 DSP

  • 4x30W / 2x30W+1x60W / 2 x 60W

  • Suitable for Audio 4.0 / 2.1 / 2.0 / 0.2 System

  • Bluetooth & Line Input Supported

  • I2S Signal Output

  • Bluetooth Pairing Cancellation

  • Four External Potentiometers

  • Supporting Programming & PC UI Control

  • Signal Level Sensor System

  • Power Management System

SpecificationPerformance :


Package Includes

1pc AA-JA33285

1pc Power Cable

2pc Speaker Cables

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