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NEP Audio

4x300W Class D Amplifier Board

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Channels: 4
315W/4Ω*4, distortion 10%: 150W/8Ω*4, distortion 1%
260W/4Ω*4, distortion 1%: 185W/8Ω*4, distortion 10%

300W*4 TPA3255 4-Channels High Power Amplifier Board Class D Digital Audio Amplifier .Product Description:TPA3255 is a high-performance Class D power amplifier, it has Class D efficiency and can bring true high-end sound quality. The device features advanced integrated feedback design and proprietary high-speed gate driver error correction function (PurePath™ Ultra HD). This technology allows the device to maintain ultra-low distortion throughout the audio frequency band while exhibiting perfect sound quality. The device works in AD mode. When the THD is 10%, it can drive up to two 315W/4R loads or two 150W (unclipped power)/8R loads, and has a 2 VRMS analog input interface that supports high-performance DAC (For example, TI's PCM5242) seamless connection. In addition to excellent audio performance, TPA3255 also has two major advantages: high power efficiency and ultra-low power level idle loss (less than 2.5W). This can be achieved with an 85mR MOSFET and an optimized gate driver scheme. Compared with the traditional discrete implementation, this solution can significantly reduce idle loss.Basic Performance Parameters:Working method: Class D .Quiescent current: 300mA .Work efficiency:.>90% .Output Power:315W/4Ω*4, distortion 10% .185W/8Ω*4, distortion 10% .260W/4Ω*4, distortion 1% .150W/8Ω*4, distortion 1% . Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz .Dynamic range: >100 dB .Signal to noise ratio: (SNR)> 111dB .Working voltage: DC24-48V switching power supply (DC) .PCB size: 188*130MM .Material structure :This product uses high-quality original parts, not only the safety and quality are guaranteed, and the service life is long, but more importantly, it is a strong guarantee that the actual performance can reach the design goals.Using original TPA3255The main filter electrolytic capacitor adopts the imported famous brand Erkang with a capacity of 2200UF/63V*3, which ensures strong and continuous power support.The resistors are high-precision chip resistors to ensure a good signal-to-noise ratio of the whole machine.The use of special magnetic ring inductors for audio ensures that the sound is clear and powerful.PCB adopts 1.6mm thick double-sided board, 2.0 oz copper thickness, and full tinning process to ensure good passing performance of large and small currents.Package: 1pc.

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