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2/4 Channel Super High Power Class D Professional Amplifier

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●CT series is a high-fidelity high-power switching power supply 1U class D power amplifier, with advantage of environmental protection and energy saving.

● The CT series uses the latest class D power amplifier technology to provide smooth and flexible handling at high power output while maintaining the integrity of excellent sound quality.

● Dual PFC switching mode power supply
CT has always been concerned about energy saving. We use Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology to improve the performance of power amplifiers and reduce the consumption of power supply current.

Here is the advantage of Power Factor Correction:
1. Save 40% of energy;
2. Reduce the size of power amplifier;
3. Reduce the size of the cable section, because the effective value current passing through is less in use;
4. Make the cable emission smaller because the power frequency harmonic is lower. This can reduce the noise and distortion caused by the fluctuating power supply;
5. Realize full power output, regardless of the voltage and load impedance of the amplifier. The power supply can be adjusted automatically by power factor correction.
6. Make universal products without worrying about voltage differences in different regions.

1. Stable performance, free from power limitations (especially useful in countries where power quality is below standard)
2. High power density
3. Light weight, 1U design, easy using
4. Higher reliability, Higher performance
5. Reduce load on circuit components by providing properly adjusted dc power supply
6. Global common operations from power supply (90 to 265 Volt, 50/60 Hz)
7. Lower distribution requirements to reduce copper loss in electricity
8. Greatly reduce the required power capacity
9. Significant savings in energy costs
10. Reduce cooling requirements in fixed installations


* 1U size, convenient for using
* Latest Class-D technology
* 4Channels for carrying more speakers
* Stable quality with amazing sound

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