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NEP Audio

2x420W Class D Amplifier Board

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Brand Name: HQXRTEK
Origin: Mainland China
Item Type: Adapter

TDA8954 420W + 420W 2.0 Class D Digital Power Amplifier Board (Fan Cooling)

Product Description:
All parts of this product are original authentic, unpretentious, pure quality;
the use of high-quality original parts, not only the safety and quality are guaranteed, 
long service life, more important is to ensure that the actual performance can
achieve the design goals. The pursuit of quality is the consistent aim of the store.
product details:
The TDA8954TH is Philips' latest high-efficiency Class D high-power digital
audio amplifier. The IC is available in a HSOP24 power package with low power
consumption and quiescent current. Since the internal is the MOS tube output,
it has a good performance in terms of sound quality. The bass is deep and
powerful, and its elasticity is good.
n using original TDA8954TH
n The main filter electrolytic capacitor uses a total capacity of 2200UF*12
n Two 25A rectified flat bridges are used to ensure a strong and
continuous power support.
n Resistor selects high precision patch to ensure good signal to
noise ratio of the whole machine.
n PCB with 1.6mm thick double-sided sheet, 2.0 oz copper thickness,
spray tin full process, to ensure the size
Good pass performance of current. First-class PCB quality.
The output uses red ring high current inductor to ensure the sound is crisp and powerful.
n When using BTL bridge, it can output 420W under 8 ohm load
Basic performance parameters:
Working method: Class D
Quiescent current: 65mA
Working efficiency: 90% rated
Output power: 2*420W
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
Operating voltage: AC12.5V to AC26V
Recommended power supply voltage: AC24V-0-AC24V
Board size: 180*120*38MM

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