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2x2500W 2Ω High Power Class D Digita Audio Amplifier Board

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This stereo high power audio amplifier board employs IR's High Voltage, high performance class D audio amplifier driver IRS2092SPBF and 200V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET IRFB4227 and is capable of delivering 2500W output power per channel into a 2Ohm load. Giving full play to Class D topology and the IRS2092 IC, this audio amplifier board features high efficiency as 95% and high sound quality with low distortion and low noise level. Easy installation, high power output and high reliability make this audio amplifier board suitable for home audio, DIY audio, loudspeakers, car audio and demanding industrial applications such as Physical Therapy Machines, Underwater Acoustics. Dual power supply is required for this amplifier board ang the suggested power supply range is ±55V - ±95V.High Quality Audio PerformanceBy means of dedicated PCB layout design, careful components selection and engineers’ attentive debugging, this high power audio amplifier board features high audio performance, whose SNR reaches up to 96dB and THD+N performs well as 0.02% @ 2Ohm, 1W, 1kHz. Therefore, this module can provide quite powerful, warm and clean sound.Flexible Load Characteristics and Wide Load RangeThis audio amplifier module features flexible load characteristics with optimization in the frequency response. It has been tested in the lab with inductive load like a coil, capacitive load and resistive loads to make sure its stability and performance. Due to its low output impedance, this audio amplifier board supports wide load range, which can work stably even with a 1Ohm load without impact by the loudspeakers load characteristics.Disclaimer: Extra attention needs to be paid for any operation with purely inductive and capacitive loads. It is suggested to send an inquiry email to us to confirm system compatibility with us before you use it to drive such loads.Wide Bandwidth form 10Hz-22kHzIRS2092 series can handle with wide bandwidth from 10Hz to 22kHz with uncompromising frequency response and audio performance, not only meeting requirements of audio system but also satisfying special demands of some applications such as Physical Therapy Machines, Underwater Acoustics and so on. With ten years’ experience and expertise, Sure Electronics is committed to providing best possible solutions for audio hobbyist or industrial customers. For any non-audio applications, customers are suggested to send an inquiry e-mail to Sure Electronics for system compatibility confirmation.Dual Power SupplyThis IRS2092 audio amplifier board requires dual power supply, in which case, power supply dedicates its full output voltage to single rail, ensuring the output power of amplifier. Taking full account of the power solution and saving customers’ material cost, Sure Electronics provides matched power supply solution as using rectifier and transformer. With the input of Dual 115V, which could be paralleled as 110/115V or serialized as 230/240V input, the transformer can provide Dual 48V, each 1000VA, and dual 15V auxiliary output with 1.25A maximum load in each coil to the rectifier who can convert AC input voltage into separate positive DC and negative DC voltage outputs. This combination can provide maximum voltage as ±67V, meeting most requirements for Audio Applications.PBTL ConfigurableThis audio amplifier module supports configuration as stereo mode or mono mode, which is simply achieved by settings of two toggle switches provided on the board, saving much engineering cost and valuable time. One product, two operation modes, which is highly cost-effective.High Reliability and Long Service TimeTwo robust heatsinks along with two low noise, temperature-controlled fans are installed on the board for sufficient heat dissipation to avoid damage caused by overheat. Full protection circuit, like over temperature protection, overcurrent protection and DC offset protection, is equipped on this board for high reliability and long service time.DisclaimerPlease note that this audio amplifier is designed for audio applications. Please do not use it in non-audio applications. If you want amplifiers for non-audio applications, please contact with us. We will provide you with full set of audio solution with special optimization in specific requirements on frequency, protection or output voltage of different applications.Package Includes1pc AA-AB32491

Features:Output Power2500W@2ohm ±92V DC THD+N 10%2230W@2ohm ±92V DC THD+N 1%Power and Shutdown Indicator1Ohm Stable DesignWide Bandwidth from 10Hz to 22kHzOver current ProtectionOvertemperture ProtectionDC Offset ProtectionBTL and PBTL Mode SwitchableOptimized Heatsink DesignTemperature Controlled FanWeight: 1584g /3.49 lbs (±10%)Size: 9.00 x 6.00 x 2.50 inchesSpecification



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