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NEP Audio

2x200W Class A/B Stereo Power Amplifier

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Channels: 2 (2.0)

STK350-050 thick film power amplifier board with large Toshiba 1943/5200+63V10000uf capacitorInput voltage: AC dual 15-42V single 12-20VRecommended voltage: AC dual 30-40V single 13-18VUnder AC dual 42V voltage input conditions:Output power: 8 ohm 200+200W .4 ohm 250W+250WSTK350-000/STK350-030 Stereo Series Power Amplifier (Class A) Voltage Amplification Audiophile Module, its excellent performance, pleasant sound quality, and 0.005% ultra-low distortion, often in Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, Maijing Figures and other famous machines are widely used in fever power amplifiers!The low frequency is flexible, solid and powerful!The high frequency is clear and not rough!The intermediate frequency is naturally soft!Original imported genuine high-power pair of tubes4 original imported genuine Korean Sanhe audio dedicated large capacitors (total 40000uf)Genuine Japanese Omron Silver Contact RelayAll small capacitors are imported for fever audioThe power amplifier is very cost-effective, and the effect is better than any power amplifier at the same price as all kinds of separate components and LM3886/TDA7294!Package1pc

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