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NEP Audio

2-Channel Amplifier with Bluetooth and File Decoding

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2*40W + 80W DC :7V-23V

2*60W  DC :7V-24V

2*40W  DC :7V-23V

2*30W  DC :7V-21V

1. Automatically support USB / TF / Bluetooth / FM / AUX switching. Prompt and convert to cable (signal sound or English voice optional)
2. Support music in MP3 / WMA / WAV format. MP3 songs 32-320kbps, WAV / WMA is 1411kbps or below
3. Support USB / card switching, music, next song, volume control, EQ, play / pause, stop, mute, shutdown, directly select songs.
4. Support Bluetooth previous song, next song, volume control, play / pause, mute.
5. Support power and storage function: turn off the storage before playing the song, and can store the volume to the current position. Breakpoint memory  (in playback mode ,The first time you restore the U disk or TF card will play the breakpoint memory for the first time when the power is cut off after about three seconds)
Package Contents:
1 decoder
1 x remote control (without battery)

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