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SCROLL DOWN and Look at the pictures for options. Each picture has information related to your options for customization. (alternatively, go to our Facebook to view album)

We need to know your choice for:

  • Grip 
  • Powder Coat Color for Dial and End Caps 
  • Epoxy Fill color for dial (this is an option, you do not have to have Epoxy fill)
  • Voltmeter or not and which color Voltmeter – Red or Blue.

To place your order, email us We will email you a PayPal invoice for your order.

  1. Standard is $100.00 without epoxy or $120.00 with epoxy. 
  2. With Voltmeter is $130.00 or $150.00 with epoxy. 

Flat-rate USPS Shipping costs apply.

And yes – you can still get 50% off up to two shielded NEP RCA cables with the purchase of a Bass Knob.

Just let us know which length.

Feet         Was           With Bass Knob
1 ½          $15.99        $8.00
3              $17.99        $9.00
6              $18.99        $9.50
9              $19.99        $10.00
18            $24.99        $12.50

 1) Pick your build type. Voltmeter or not? Blue or Red Voltmeter?

Choose Your Build Type


2) Pick the body finish. We offer rubber grip in black / red / blue / green / yellow OR we can paint in any color of powder coat that we offer for the Dial and End Caps. Being powder coat, it is smooth and not a grip feeling that you get with the rubber.


3) Color options for Powder coat. What color do you want for the end caps and for the dial? Note, Silver chrome is not pictured here. 

We use Prismatic Powders for our Powder coat. These are the colors that we have in stock.

If you want a custom color that we do not have on hand, there is an extra $20 charge for us to bring in the color. Look at their color options; 

4) If you want Epoxy fill, choose a color that contrasts to the color you have picked for the Dial. Sparkly mica colors: black, pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, gold, rose gold. We also have solid (slight gloss) black, blue, white, red, yellow. There is a $20 charge due to the amount of time that it takes to prepare the epoxy, degas in the vacuum chamber, and apply and then cure. Epoxy Fill treatment extends production time by 2 days. With epoxy fill, product ships in 4 days.


These images are examples of how your customized Bass Knob could look. Send us an email and we will help you decide.