NEP Audio Acura MDX






Made in Korea by Zenon Corp. 2 Year Limited Warranty. Reliable Clean Power.

SOLD OUT - Click here to pre-order the 3K Monoblock Amplifier  $400.00 Regular price  $600.00

SOLD OUT - Click here to pre-order the 5K Monoblock Amplifier  $600.00 Regular price $900.00

Click here to pre-order the 6K Monoblock Amplifier  $900.00 Regular price $1499.99

Click here to pre-order the 8K Monoblock Amplifier  $1100.00 Regular price $1999.99

Customizable NEP Bass Knobs

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Machined out of solid aluminum, and utilizing high quality components throughout, our bass knob is guaranteed to please. The look, the feel, the construction… we wanted it to be perfect. The heavy duty, high quality 10kΩ potentiometer provides smooth, precise control over the entire range from 0 to 100% volume levels. We are also offering a long list of customizations, so make it YOUR bass knob.

Epoxy Fill: We can apply an epoxy fill paint to the top of the dial to give it some contrast. There is a $20 charge due to the amount of time that it takes to prepare the epoxy, degas in the vacuum chamber, and apply and then cure.